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Creating a showcase design to display wine in a hospitality environment is one of our specialties. We understand that wine is beautiful and creating a ‘wow’ factor both enhances the ambiance and moves more wine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is unique about hospitality wine storage?

    Hospitality wine storage can be divided into two categories. The front room is generally a showpiece display intended to raise awareness of wine availability, to create a visual impact and to promote wine sales. Back room storage is typically utilitarian with bins for bulk storage divided up by the varietals and classification of wine for easy access.

  • What make Kessick designs ideal for hospitality wine display?

    Kessick is on the cutting edge of wine display and storage design. We understand the significance of wine label exposure to the promotion and sale of wine in the hospitality setting.  Contemporary styles drive the latest trends in materials such as metal, acrylic and wood along with LED display lighting.

  • How is your wine cabinetry different from other wine racks available locally or online?

    Kessick manufactures and ships fully assembled, box construction wine cabinetry built to your order. We do not sell stick construction or kit racks. Our wine components are ready to install immediately upon delivery. This results in a much easier installation and a more refined final product.

    Our components are constructed of hardwoods (Sapele, White Oak and Walnut) and ¾” Columbia Pure-Bond® hardwood core wood panels. We do not use redwood or pine.

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Robert, as you can guess the cellar is amazing. Far exceeding our hopes and dreams. We have more or less filled it, and it looks amazing. Thank you for all your hard work.

– Cedric Nicaise, Wine Director EMP

Eleven Madison Park Restaurant NYC