With a family tradition of South Carolina anchored businesses, father and son team, Ralph and Robert Bass started Kessick Wine Cellars in 2004 to meet the demand for wine cellars in their local community of Greenville, South Carolina. Ralph’s business experience combined with Robert’s design and construction expertise meshed seamlessly to create a business with a clear focus: Create wine cellars that exceed the expectations of our customers.

Kessick Wine Cellars designs and manufactures exceptional quality wine cabinetry and wine racking at our facility in South Carolina and ships to wholesale dealers across the US and internationally. Our products are unique to the industry in quality, design flexibility, wood type, and finish options. Our uniquely designed wine cellar components make installation faster, easier and with a far superior fit and finish over the status quo internet ‘assemble-on-site’ kits. Our Contemporary, Estate, Reserve, and Select Series components are shipped fully assembled. We offer an extensive catalog line as well as a wide range of custom wine cellar racks.

Kessick consults with wine collectors, architects, dealers, and other industry experts about wine racking and storage options, the complex issues of climate control, the room build-out process, recommended building materials and more. Our objective is to combine aesthetics, function, and sound building science to create the perfect wine cellar environment personalized for your client.